What is About to Happen


As you may know, we read books in region based trilogies. Three books from Japan, three books from the American south, three books from the Balkans, etc.. This is a wonderful way to string together longer conversations, and a fun way to talk about books. It also creates a huge battle of wills when we choose our next region.

That region battle is happening this month! On the 28th. After we talk about Pat Barker’s Life Class. Everyone is welcome. Bring popcorn, cause it’s gonna be a show.

Every time we choose a region I bring in a list of possible regions. The list is built from my research and member suggestions. The list is not definitive, and we don’t always choose a region from the list. It’s a starter for the argument, and a benefit when we are stumped.

In the past people have asked for the list to be available. So my next post will be the whole thing. It’s long and cumbersome. My apologies.



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