The Voyage Out Tournament : Day 8


I’ve said it before, and I’ll continue saying it until I’m blue in the face: reading is better when done with other people. I feel like I have to scream about this a little because I think I have not convinced enough people yet. This post should go a long way to helping people see how fun it is to read books with your friends.

Dauphin is an original Voyage Outer. He’s the most intelligent reader I know. He is able to see books as a whole, connecting dots that I find very difficult to connect. He always looks at a novel in a way I never thought to explore. I take those explorations, and put them in my back pocket, and try to use them the next time I crack a novel open.

I still struggle to understand most of the things I read, but every discussion with Dauphin gets me a little closer.

Today we complete the Elite Eight. The competitions are so good right now, and I hate to see any of these books go home. I feel like the last eight are really descriptive of us as a reading group, or at least the reading group we’d hope to be.


Catch Up here: Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7

See the Bracket Here.

Come see us on the 28th of this month at BookPeople to discuss Pat Barker’s Life Class.

Write-up for Dauphin:

A text message conversation in which Lindsey forces Dauphin to be a judge for this round.

Lindsey: Okay dude. Disgrace or Play It As It Lays? Pick.

Dauphin: Soooo… I’m in the Disgrace camp. But I think [Play It As It Lays] is incredible. Not an anti-Play It As It Lays pick.

L: I agree. Why Disgrace?

D: Hm. Well. Human failure has never been more compelling?

[Ridiculous and mildly-offensive exchange redacted]

D: But honestly it’s really one of the most incredible tales of failure and humanity I’ve ever read. It’s not one for the weak. 

L: Totally. One needs a heartless crew to read with. Hi, Voyage Out! 

Okay last match-up. S.: A Novel of the Balkans or Wind-Up Bird Chronicle?

D: Wind-Up. One sentence? Basically a how to book on finding lost cats?

The final four looks like this:

Disgrace Vs. Wind-Up Bird Chronicle


Galore Vs. Provinces of Night

One for the ages!


6 thoughts on “The Voyage Out Tournament : Day 8

  1. You do realize that Crummey is a Cinderella story in this thing? He’s already taken out the following: my favorite author Randall Kenan, Kawabata (Nobel), Cormac McCarthy (America’s next Nobel?), and now faces the most underrated American author of the past 30 years (maybe) William Gay. If he beats Gay he’ll have a chance to face Coetzee (Noble) or Murakami. Murakami! Let’s just say the odds are not in his favor. (Although I’m with you).

  2. I wasn’t at the Galore meeting but I was in full attendance for the other 3….it’s a tough row to hoe for Crummey. Can we just settle on a tie for 1st between Disgrace Vs. Wind-Up Bird Chronicle? And can I please see the “Ridiculous and mildly-offensive exchange”? Those types of exchanges are the only reason I came to the meetings…..

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