Voyage Out Monthly Check In



There is a lot going on in Voyage Out Land right now. Lots of good stuff.

We met in March to discuss Zadie Smith’s experimental love letter to London, and I can’t stop thinking about the discussion. NW is a pretty good book. Since I love Zadie so much, I’m willing to fall prey to hyperbole and call it a great book. But the book is not my big take away from May’s voyage. I can’t seem to come to conclusions on how to interact with heavily structured books. I struggle to weave together narratives with hard stops and mixed forms. NW was good practice for working on these deficiencies.

My favorite conversations of the month: how to gather meaning from narrative architecture & what do we do with flat characters in the middle of a good book.

I predict these worms will make their way into future book talks. Thank you to everyone who attended.

Now we move on to the more traditional writing of Pat Barker. We’ll be meeting and discussing Barker’s Life Class on the 28th at 5pm. As always, the meeting will be at BookPeople. Life Class is the story of a group of students in 1914. It isn’t a ‘War Novel’, but is certaintly wrapped in the tragic events if WWI. I just finished Regeneration (thanks for the recommendation, Michael), and I can’t wait to crack Life Class open tonight. I hope to see everyone at the meeting. I miss all of you.

We’ll also be picking a new region, so life is good. If you’ve been to group when we choose a new region, you know they are the best discussions. You also know that I bring out my little cheat sheet. I’ve put the ‘Possible Region List’ online:

Have fun. If you have an addition to the list, simply comment below the blog post. I’ll add your suggestions.

If you feel like you want to get something off your chest, let me know. You can write something for the blog.

Here is our reading schedule:

April 28th : Pat Barker’s Life Class

May 26th : Jeanette Winterson’s Written on the Body

I feel like good things are happening with this little trip we are taking. I hope to see all of our new friends again and again, and I hope to see some old friends come around again. It’s been too long.

Thank you,



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