Jeanette Winterson’s Suicide



This is the week! We will be discussing Winterson’s Written on the Body this Sunday. I can’t wait!

Over the years we’ve created a small grouping of books that have benefited greatly from our discussion, to name a few: Invisible Cities, The Holy Terrors, and Disgrace. These books stand on their own, but stand out to me after hearing what our group had to say about them. If I ventured a guess, I would say that Winterson’s novel would be added to this list.

Please come by this Sunday and talk/ interpret/ argue about this sexy, experimental, tragic, and funny novel.

Till then, please take in this article written about Winterson. It’s a great little read.

Till we talk.



2 thoughts on “Jeanette Winterson’s Suicide

    • Maybe, but I think the use of the term suicide is relavent to the use of love in Written on the Body and to Winterson’s openness in this article. It was not meant to be offensive, but it is a heavy word.

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