Picking a New Region!



We will be meeting at BookPeople this Sunday to discuss Julio Cortazar’s Hopscotch. We will be meeting at 5. I can’t wait to learn what you think about this challenging book from this gigantic author.

I’m also looking forward to choosing a new region. I would love to hear what everyone is thinking. Bring suggestions. We don’t have a whole lot of rules (maybe we do), but here are our general guidelines (sure to be ignored):

-Three month cycles of books that are connected by something. Regional proximity has been the overwhelming connection, but we can go into more abstract connections as well.

-Novels. We’ve tried short stories, but they didn’t work out as well as we would’ve liked. We’ve never tried nonfiction, and I think it might be a tough sell. But, if you want to suggest short stories or nonfiction, feel free- come ready to make your case.

-Paperback. We read NW in hardcover, but I don’t want to exclude anyone based on economics. I would prefer it if we stayed with the less pricey paperbacks.

-Of average length. I’d try to keep the suggestions under 500 pages. We’ve gone longer, and will again, but we get the most participation with more reasonable lengths.

-Must be readily available to BookPeople. You’d be surprised at how many great books are out of print, or come from such small publishers (or one very large publishing entity) that they are not available for bookstores to order. You don’t need to buy the book from BookPeople, but we need to be sure that the books we choose can be available from BookPeople.

As I do monthly, I have updated our Region List. The list remains mostly the same, but I have added a few new regions. The additions are below. Feel free to comment here about what you’re thinking. Feel free to send me more suggestions. Come ready with your thoughts on Sunday:

Books By The Spine (publishers to explore)

-Melville House

-Open Letter

-Other Press

-Dalkey Archive

-New Directions

-Hogarth Press

-NYRB Classics

-SOHO Press

-Graywolf Press

-Coffee House Press


Editorial Guidance (editors we could explore)

-Noah Eaker (Tiger’s Wife, Bright’s Passage)

-Lee Boudreaux (Ecco Press, Ben Fountain, Alissa Nutting, Patrick DeWitt)

-Judith Gurewich (Galore, Other Press)

Favorites Favorites (Authors loved by the authors we’ve loved)

*Zadie Smith-

-Their Eyes Were Watching God, Hurston

-The Fire Next Time, Baldwin

-The Bluest Eye, Morrison

-Brief Interviews With Hideous Men, Wallace

-EM Forster, A Room of Ones Own

-Lolita, Nabokov

*J.M Coetzee-

-The Good Soldier, Ford Maddox Ford

-Molloy, Beckett

-Tirza, Arnon Grunberg

-Mr. Vertigo, Auster

*Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

-Swallow, Sefi Atta

-Graceland, Chris Abani

-Things Fall Apart, Achebe

-The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives,  Shoneyin

– The Radiance of the King, Laye

*Tea Obreht

-The Bridge on the Drina, Andric, Ivo

-A Farewell to Arms, Hemmingway

-Out of Africa, Dineson, Isaac

-The Long Goodbye, Chandler

-The English Patient, Ondaatje

*Jeanette Winterson

-Jane Eyre, Bronte

-Madame Bovary, Flaubert

-Orlando, Woolf

-Day, AL Kennedy

-Don Quixote, Acker, Kathy

*Kenzaburo Oe

-Nausea, Sartre

-Huckleberry Finn, Twain

-The Housekeeper and the Professor, Ogawa

*Dave Eggers

-The Adventures of Augie March, Bellow

-The Sheltering Sky, Bowles

-Catch 22, Heller

-Down and Out in Paris and London, Orwell

-Let the Northern Lights Erase Your Name, Vida

-Arkansas, Brandon

*Joan Didion

-A Farewell to Arms, Hemmingway

-The Ambassadors, James

-An American Tragedy, Theodore Dreiser

-Sleepless Nights, Elizabeth Hardwick

-Oulipian Novels

The Great Fire of London, Jacques Roubaud

Things: A Story of the Sixties & A Man Asleep, Georges Perec

If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler, Italo Calvino

Exercises in Style, Queneau, Raymond

Electrico, Herve Le Tellier


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