The Millions Most Anticipated 2014

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The Millions is such a great resource for book nerds. Not quite as hip as HTMLGiant and not quite as trite as BookRiot, it’s long-form essays, reviews, rants, and news has always been a perfect mixture of casual readers and academic ramblings. It’s a must-go place, daily. My favorite thing they do is their ‘Most Anticipated’ list. The list is posted twice a year, and looks at forthcoming books (mostly novels, mostly literary fiction).


The list for the second half of the year is up, and I want to break it down per my thoughts.


Here’s the list:


  • It goes without saying that the most anticipated book from a first-time author is Edan Lepucki’s California. I hope that the hype and controversy doesn’t outweigh what looks to be a very solid, fun, crossover literary hit.
  • Vollman has a major book coming out. All of his books are major, right? Will I continue to be late to the Vollman party?
  • Nick Harkaway’s got a new book! The Gone Away World was a phenomenal book, so I made sure to get an early copy of Tigerman. All I can say about Tigerman is that everyone should read The Gone Away World.
  • Haruki Murakami has a new book, and I’m about 30 pages from finishing it. Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage is solid. It won’t be places in the pantheon of Murakami works with Kafka on the Shore and Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, but it is well worth your time. Even minor Murakami is a major event.
  • Roxanne Gay is a fine novelist, and I hope she writes a million of em, but her essays are, I think, where she shines, and Bad Feminist, which is an essay collection, is going to be fun, smart, tough, and cool.
  • Lydia Davis has a new book coming out. Everything else is invalid.
  • Emily St. John Mandel’s Station Eleven is going to fly off the shelves. Post-apocalyptic literature from an indie darling? Sign me up. Think Egan meets Atwood. (Oh, and Atwood has a book coming out, too).
  • David Mitchell’s book looks like a winner for him. I’m going to start reading it this week.
  • Donald Antrim is one of those authors you’d love, even if you haven’t heard of them yet. The Emerald Light in the Air could be a solid start.
  • Munro, July, Butler, Robinson… agh!!!! So much fun, so little time!


Please check out the list, and please check out these books.



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