This Week in Book News


Once a week we will be posting a round up of links we thought were of interest during the week. I hope you enjoy them.


A great look at why Indie’s matter. Bill Morris is very cool.


Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie talks about stuff with The Guardian. She is charming and smart and odd.


A review of one of my favorite books of the year. The Quick by Lauren Owen.


New York City in books. Should we go back there as a group? Yes, please.


I love reviews of old books. Here on HTMLGiant John Rufo walks us through his trek through Pound’s Cantos. Inspiring me to read this book? Maybe.


George Saunders recommends short stories to aliens on Oprah’s website. No, seriously.


Over at Melville House Sal Robinson writes about the task of editing a collection of interviews with James Baldwin.


Flovorwire’s Jason Diamond writes about the publication of three new Salinger stories. He doesn’t like the stories and doesn’t like the treatment they got. I think he should probably calm down a little.


Ira Glass wrote that Shakespeare sucks and the world wet nuts.


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